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Consumer & Professional Testimonials

"I like to take a moment and thank the members of your staff for outstanding customer service. They are extremely professional, courteous and a real credit to the Allergy Relief Stores.
Thank you again." Carolyn, S. MD (Diabetes Eye Center) Arlington, Virginia

"Received your exchange today. I am sincerely impressed with your level of service. I will tell Dr. Beliard who advised me to purchase your product, how nicely your company treated me. Sometimes, it appears we are living in a time when companies aren't really concerned about their customer's needs. It's refreshing to see that companies like yours are still out there. As customers, we will always be demanding and our needs should come first. Why more companies don't make this the focus of their business will always be a mystery to me."
Mike P. M.D. (Allergy-Asthma & Immunology) West Palm Beach, Florida

"Just a quick note to let you know to say "thank you" for your excellent company and very helpful customer care service. I have bought as well as my sons many of your products. How rare and wonderful to receive such friendly, helpful, personalized service.
Thanks again!" Dr. Dean R. DDS. Glendale, New York

"To Whom It May Concern: This is my first purchase on the Internet. All went well with delivery faster than expected, and I am pleased with my purchase. I would definitely recommend your company to anyone in need of Allergy, Asthma & Sinus relief products.
Thank you so much!" Robert, R. Branson, MO

"Nasal Irrigation can potentially be the most therapeutic measure in completely eliminating a sinus infection. It can help quickly and dramatically. I've heard from people who have had an infection for months that within two days of beginning irrigation, the infection was gone, and did not return, even if irrigation was not continued beyond a few days."
Dr. Robert S. Ivker President,
American Holistic Medical Association Fellow,
American Academy of Family Physicians Clinical Instructor,
Dept. of Family Medicine and Otolaryngology University of Colorado,
School of Medicine. Boulder, Co

"My compliments to your company! You truly go above and beyond to assist a customer. I totally appreciate this. Rest assured I will think of your company first, when planning my shopping, not only because of what your company offers and stands for, but especially because of the extraordinary customer service and sincere friendliness."
Debbie C. M.D. Palm Springs Hospital, Miami, Florida

"Just a quick note to let you know it was easy to find the product and the information on the product. Moreover, it was easy to make the purchase."
Law Offices of Richard, S. P.A. Miami, Florida

"I have called your company several times and have received courteous service every time without feeling rushed. I will be placing an order soon, but would appreciate the swatches on your hypoallergenic bedding and pillow encasings products ASAP."
Dr. Robinson, M.D. WA.

"Many people with asthma or other respiratory conditions also have nasal and sinus symptoms. Drainage from your nose and sinuses may get into the lungs, especially at night, worsening breathing symptoms. A salt water nasal wash helps reduce this possibility. Some people call this a nasal irrigation. This procedure removes mucus and bacteria from your nose and reduces symptoms of postnasal drip and nasal congestion. Use a Water Pik® with a Grossan® Nasal Irrigator Tip. Pour the saline solution into the water reservoir and set the Water Pik® at the lowest possible pressure. Insert the tip just inside your nostril and allow the fluid to run out of your mouth or other nostril. Blow your nose lightly. Repeat the procedure with the other nostril."
National Jewish Medical and Research Center
Global Leader in Lung, Allergic, and Immune Diseases
Denver, Colorado

"Thanks again. I must thank you for your superb response to my problem. Your customer care is fantastic.
Thanks again!" Clarito, P. San Francisco, CA

"A very satisfying experience. You said what you were going to do and then just did it. Thank you for your support & honesty."
Renee, G. Danville, CA

"I suffer from allergies (especially dust mites) and have been putting off my purchase for a few years now because it seemed like such an investment. Now I can proudly say that is exactly what it is... an investment in good health! I began to notice a severe improvement within two days of having protected my entire bed - from pillow to box spring. I no longer wake up with that stuffy and congested feeling and my eczema seems to be improving as well! I am feeling great! Thank you for providing such wonderful information and making the ordering so simple."
Susan S. Yorktown, Virginia

"My wife mainly has food allergies, but is also allergic to dust mites. I am going to need pillows, mattress, and box spring encasings. I have a flyer of yours that her allergist had given her, and you seem to have the best pricing & warranty compared to the other three companies he had given her information on..."
Clarence B. Miami, Florida

"I am so happy how your products have made a big improvement in my wife. We elected to try environmental controls first before medicine, and it worked great!
Thank you." Frank S. Stafford, Virginia

"I just felt like writing you because I really feel your company has helped me turn around my health."
Carl, C. Coronado, CA

"My recent purchase was wonderful. Additionally, I found your web site very user friendly and convenient. The merchandise was exactly what I wanted and received everything as ordered and on time. I plan to shop through the Internet again and especially through your company.
Thanks." Dan K. New Orleans, Louisiana

"I was very satisfied with not only my purchase but the speed at which it was delivered. I was unable to find this item in my city. I remain, very truly yours."
Teresa, M. Dallas, Texas

"Thank you for the amazingly fast service and great attitude. Most people I have been talking to were taking days to get back to me. That is one of the reasons I bought the Professional Sinus System through you."
Joe N. West Palm Beach, Florida

"Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate your advice and for articulating how to use the sinus & throat irrigators."
Hank D. Greendale, WI

"Thank you for not contributing to animal suffering. I will definitely continue to purchase from your company.
Thanks again!" Dave H. Longwood, Florida

"I know its the best and the friendly tone and customer patience and understanding that make this whole experience a pleasant one, for me. I'm going to be sure to direct anyone interested in your products to your site."
Thank you." Martha E. Colleyville, Texas

"I feel that you have some of the most drug free products that I have seen so far. Keep up the good work."
Ted H. Sinking Spring, PA.

"Thank you for your time, and may I say that I am impressed with the professionalism of your site."
Jean C. Fort Lauderdale, Florida

"I just found your Website, and you have a great selection of products!"
Christopher S. Raleigh, NC

"The whole experience with your company was very pleasant. The ordering process and the delivery process was great. It was a pleasure doing business with your company."
Nancy, T. Swanton, MD

"My husband and I enjoy the relief from morning sinus headaches and allergy attacks; we feel after installing your box spring, mattress & pillow encasings have given us this relief!
THANK YOU!!!" Barbara, G. Fountain Hills, AZ

"After installing the Lifetime™ filter- it took one night and I woke up for the first time in at least 9 years with clear sinuses.
Thank you." Lee Ann, M. Sudbury, MA

"Very pleasant experience!!
Thank You!" Lesia, B. San Jose, CA


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