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Clear-Ease-Natural Fruit Anti-Inflammatory

Price: $23.50

A formula of natural enzymes, in precisely measured dose, gives effective relief for sufferers of sinus problems, of problems clearing the ears in flight and in SCUBA diving, inflammation from injury, and in many other problems relating to swelling and inflammation. 

What's In It?

Clear•Ease™ is made of natural fruit enzymes, Papain and Bromelain. Papain comes from the latex of green papaya fruit. Bromelain comes from pineapple stems and fruits. They are called proteolytic enzymes because they break up biological products like thick mucus.

What Does It Do?

Proteolytic enzymes are involved with repair and healing in the body. They have anti-inflammatory action. In the 50's, dozens of clinical trials that showed that these enzymes yielded clear positive results, when they were administered via buccal route, i.e. dissolved slowly between the cheek and gums. Later, however, it was often administered orally, because this was thought to be more convenient. In fact, digestion in the stomach reduced the effectiveness of these enzymes, and they failed to become a popular treatment - until recently.

Papain and Bromelain are used for:
  • aiding digestion
  • (topically) debridement
  • mucus liquification for bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, otitis media, sinusitis, and infected areas
  • vitreous hemorrhages in the eye
  • fibrinolysis - dissolving clots including pulmonary embolism
  • potentiation of drugs - helps the effectiveness of antibiotics
  • anti-inflammatory effects after injury or infection
  • anti-arthritic effects - joint and muscle pain.

There have been hundreds of articles on such enzymatic treatments. Enzymes were found to be especially valuable for the anti-inflammatory effects after injury. There are several modes of action of proteases as an anti-inflammatory agent. There is a reduction in the viscosity of extra cellular fluid. There is prevention of excess clot formation. There is an aid to phagocytic function. There is a decrease in anti-inflammatory products.

A More Effective Way To Take Enzymes

Unfortunately, it wasn't until recently that it was recognized that only a small amount of the bromelain/ papain enzyme was absorbed from the stomach. A second problem has been that the products used for study often were measured in grams of weight. This is meaningless; what is needed is a measure of the enzymatic activity. A pound of yeast won't make bread if the yeast is dead.

In order for the protease products to exert systemic effects, they must be active when they reach the inflamed sites. Unfortunately they are inactivated by stomach and intestine. Protease activity via oral route is only between 1 to 40% absorbed. Fortunately, however, the activity tends to concentrate at inflamed sites.

Reduces Inflammation

Studies have shown anti-inflammatory activity in sports injuries, especially boxing and contact sports. But they must be taken early - preferably before the contest. Blonstein reported on boxers. He administered the protease via buccal route. Among boxers there was less bruising. Cuts took 1/2 the time to heal. Healing was much faster. Results were better when the protease was started immediately before or after injury.

Sprains, concussions, and pulled muscles all did better on proteases. Several articles indicated superior healing post operatively. In one standardized surgical procedure, there was reduction of inflammation, pain, edema and swelling in most subjects.

Cohen and Goldman studies bromelain's effects on joint status in cases of rheumatoid arthritis. 72% showed reduction of joint swelling. Studies showed it to be helpful in bursitis, tendinitis, and sciatica.

The reduction of pain and swelling is somewhat similar in protease and non steroidal anti-inflammatory products such as naprosyn. A significant difference is that protease enzymes accelerate healing.

Various studies have shown that combinations of enzymes usually work better than a single one. This is because, for example, Papain and Bromelain have slightly different actions so that in combination they are synergistic.

Studies have showed the effects of these enzymes on thinning thick mucus.

Recommended Uses:

I have used the anti-inflammatory properties of the enzymes for blocked eustachian tube. Reduction of inflammation, thinning the mucus, reducing nasal sinus inflammation has been so effective that I have dozens of pilots and scuba divers on the enzyme.

I have used the enzymes for swelling about the nerve, as in Bell's palsy. Here the 7th nerve swells within the bony canal in the ear and this cuts off nourishment to that nerve. By reducing swelling we can save the nerve.

One of the more dramatic application has been in swelling of the salilvary glands. These are the parotid gland, in back of the cheek where you get mumps swelling and the submaxillary gland, under the lower jaw. This is called sialidinitis. (inflammation of the salivary gland). The combination of anti-inflammatory, thinning the secretions, reducing edema, and helping the antibiotic get to the affected area has made this a standard treatment for my patients when the saliva glands are affected. Helps, even if there is a stone blocking the duct. Occasionally this would help the stone eject.

Temperomandibular Joint Disorder is very common. Often the jaw opens to the side and the patient may clench his jaw or grind his teeth. These enzymes reduce swelling within the jaw joint. With the reduction of swelling, normal movement can now occur which also speeds healing. For my patients I have them take the enzyme at the beginning of the symptoms.

For swollen uvula the enzymes can be very helpful. You can get reduction of painful swelling right away.

Hoarseness and laryngitis involve swelling and inflammation. As soon as the vocal cords swell, the voice is altered. For singers and speakers the smallest change can dramatically affect the voice. Here the anti-inflammatory action of the papain/bromelain combination is extremely useful.

Sinus pain is potentiated by swelling of the sinus membranes or pressure on the membranes. The worst swelling is a vacuum sinus pain. Here the flyer has come down from an altitude of say 30,000 feet. On descent the sinus cavity/cavities blocked, so now the pressure on the outside is much greater than the pressure on the inside of the sinus. It is like having a 4 pound weight on the cornea of the eye. The pain is much greater than pain from a bad infection. The enzymes reduce this readily.

In Cystic Fibrosis the mucus is very thick. A protease called Dornase from Genentec is used to thin the mucus. The fruit enzymes may help with a somewhat related mechanism.

Painful nasal membranes occur with dry irritated enflamed membranes. The anti-inflammatory action of the enzymes is useful here.

With Clear•Ease™ there is a standardized enzymatic activity. This is carefully calibrate. The papain/bromelain combination has been found to be more effective than each alone because each has a slightly different mode of action.

Most important, this tablet is designed for buccal use. It can be used without regards to meals. There is no sugar in the tablet so that irritation from sugar is eliminated. The tablet melts rapidly and there is no "waste" from stomach acid inactivation.

Clear•Ease™ is recommended for:

  • Joint swelling
  • Acute trauma
  • Eustachian ear blockage
  • Hoarseness or Laryngitis
  • Painful throat swelling including tonsillitis.
  • Painful salivary glands.

Clear•Ease™ contains
1 million FCCPU enzyme units of Bromelain
1/2 million FCCPU units of Papain activity.


  • Use one 3x a day, melt in mouth between cheek and gums. Move it about for best absorption.
  • For divers and flyers begin two days before the event.
  • For persons always plagued by blocked ears on flying, start this 2 days before the flight.
  • For singers and speakers, start as soon as there are any signs of voice difference.
  • Boxers should start this before the event.
  • For many infections, especially sinus and ears, use with antibiotics will speed healing.


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Price: $23.50

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